What We Do

We anticipate every need from the moment of your arrival to the moment of your departure.

From planning to execution we offer a whole experience that includes villas, jets, yachts and private chef.

Black Panther Services

“Our experienced team of security and concierge experts offer a wide range of elite services that can be adapted to suit any situation and need.”

VIP Chauffeur & Transportation


• 24/7 at your Disposal

• 12h at your Disposal

• Transfer per ride One-way

We provide cutting-edge VIP Chauffeur services with trained drivers that are experienced in the art of driving celebrities, high-brow personalities, discreet and private people.

Protection & Security Services

Concierge Services

concierge services

• Yachts

• Private jets

Our concierge services provide top-class personalized treatment for our clients, ensuring that their trip/itinerary is as comfortable, safe and smooth as possible.

• Villas in Mykonos

From planning to execution, we offer you a carefree experience.

Private Chef

Enjoy a unique culinary experience with our in-house chef service or our catering service.

Bespoke Security and Concierge Solutions Made For You!


We can help you with any project

Around the globe